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Dear music lovers, singers, those who sing in the shower, children and grown-ups, those who perform on big and small stages and all of you who would like to raise and strengthen your voices. I am here to guide you and to coach you on your authentic, creative way. I can help you to make your voice resonate freely and clearly. My work is holistic, i.e. together we can increase the awareness of your whole self, moreover, paying attention to both inner and outer voices. My own way as a singer has been highly interesting and creative. I used to be singing in front of the mirror with a hairbrush in my hand at a very young age, imitating Caballé, Callas, Ozzy, Madonna, Kate Bush, Tori Amos, Enya etc.. Today, having gathered more than forty years of experience, I take such great pleasure in singing in various manners - classical and semi-classical, pop-style(s) (my students know it as „candy-voice“), musical manner and jazz style - you name it. Probably most important of all - I have found my own authentic voice - I have found the way back to me after some rough, traumatic years. Over the years I have come to discover really useful techniques for singing on and off stage. Let’s call them „dirty tricks“ which are based on breathing, connection & awareness, body language and visualisation. And oh, I forgot to mention that Karmasonic first entered my mind as a beautiful idea in the summer of 2017. I had been asked repeatedly if I would be offering vocal coaching sessions. When I felt ready, in winter 2019 it all began, taking very small steps at first. Today I do on a regular basis, passionately and with endless gratitude towards all my students from age 5 to 55.

Name: Liv Kristine Espenæs
Date of birth: February 14th, 1976
Place of birth: Stavanger, Norwegen
Zodiac sign: Aquarius
Eyes: blue
Hair: blonde
Height: 1,67 m
Parents: Ove H. Espenæs / Liv E. Davidsen
Siblings: Carmen Elise Espenæs
Maritual status: Mother of Leon
and married to Michael Espenæs

I am a Norwegian songstress, vocal coach, teacher at a special school, wife and mother. I have been on numerous musical adventures since my early teens. The name my parents gave her means life, and this is exactly what I stand for - creating music in the purest, highest version of my artistic heart and mind, to live it and to share it with the world. The basic frequency of everything I do is authenticity, freedom, balance and love. My autodidactic way into music and career reflects my strong individuality and courage to create with a free artistic heart, inviting my audience to experience musical and tonal aesthetics on a highly individual and elevating level. In the mid nineties my life changed. A blessing. I experienced a lot of fame with my Norwegian band THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, moreover, as a solo artist with my first own album Deus Ex Machina, then in the new millennium with LEAVES‘ EYES, MIDNATTSOL and various projects. My musical achievements are various, e.g. a GRAMMY AWARD nomination for the song „Nymphetamine“ in cooperation with Cradle of Filth, 500.000 records sold with THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, I got to tour and meet my dear fans in more than 50 countries, I was lucky to enter the official charts a few times as well as European club, DJ, dance, rock and alternative charts. So far, I have released more than 15 full-length albums with my bands since 1995, and I feel like I’m just in the middle of my artistic path. I released my single „SKYLIGHT“ on Allegro Talent Media in December 2019, which will be followed by an EP release with brand new tracks and live recordings in 2021, moreover, a full-length album, composed in tight cooperation with my Norwegian friend and composer Tommy Olsson. Each song radiates a unique paradigm of depth and width of sound: „To me, aesthetics in music lies in the artist’s true and free nature of combining instruments and their chord progression with the most inspiring and interesting tonal flow, the phonetics of the words sung in the most delicate and personal singing manner, being in its expression one unique peace of manifestation coming from the artist’s heart. Music is to me a delicate dance of color-and-light, I find both balance and freedom in these energetic spheres. Music is pure elevation, sound and colors in one perfect expression, it just takes me to a higher level of passion and understanding of the whole universe and of human emotions, moreover, it has a bigger meaning, a special connection to our soul“. The new compositions and lyrics are exactly this – highly inspired by romanticism, the many facets of life, especially unveiling those feelings deeply connected to the innermost of our souls and authentic selves, moreover, the greatness and mysteries of the universe, nature, and the power of karma.

My offers

Vocal coaching classical manner

Vocal coaching pop „candy“ voice(s)

Vocal coaching „dirty tricks“ especially for sopranos and tenors

Strengthen your breath & voice through awareness training, kundalini yoga & karma yoga

Singing classes for children (also offered in smaller time-units of 25 minutes)

Personal coaching strengthening your inner voice, dissolving fear, trauma, stage fear etc.

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